About Us


Charm Kraft Industries, Inc.



Charm Kraft Industries is a family run business which was founded in 1974 by Don Moffet. Buddy Moffet and his wife Cathy continue the legacy and run the business today.

The company originally started with roots in selling gold and silver charms. Over the years the company expanded its product range, offering complete souvenir and gift lines. Charm Kraft specializes in creating unique souvenirs, gifts and keepsakes for clients all over North America. The owners have a simple philosophy - to develop original, creative and beautiful items that both they and their clients can be passionate about. Buddy and Cathy enjoy the connection with their clients, keeping them in every step of the process.

Charm Kraft’s creative team is made up of a group of talented artists that share the same passion as Buddy and Cathy. The team is a visionary mix that is reflected in the product lines that are developed.

Charm Kraft’s mission is to bring “one of a kind” keepsakes to the marketplace. It begins with the art conception and ends in a stylish keepsake with its own thumbprint. Originality is the driving force in Charm Kraft’s mission. All art and design is crafted in house. Many product concepts and molds are handcrafted by our team and are not available elsewhere. This offers the customer distinctive and beautiful keepsakes that keep travel and journey memories alive.



“We are committed to creating stylish and affordable items that have their own unique thumbprint.”

 - Buddy Moffet, President